So what degree do you have.

This is a question that I have been asked a couple of times lately. It may also be asked: “So what University did you go to to learn Computer Sciences?”

“Ahr, None. I do not have a paper qualification.”
Blank look from questioner.brainiac
“So how did you learn what you do?”
Which really gets to the sad heart of the reality. That too many of us have been raised to think we can only learn if some one sits us down, talks to us from the front of a class and makes us take exams. And I have only learnt if I pass that exam!

I don’t even like the term “self learner”, rather I like the term whole life learner. To become fascinated by everything.

A while back I went though a stage of watching dozens of “How it is made” video on YouTube. Now I know how McDonald’s nuggets are made and how hot dogs are made. I’ll still eat hotdogs, but McNuggests… maybe not. I also know how large tires are made, cat 6 cable is made, nails are made, spanners, ball bearings, harps, chocolate cookies and sugar is made. Well the list goes on.

So for me, getting to know stuff is not just about what I do to turn a few coins, but it is about everything, like the rocket stoves I am currently building, the aquaponics, vegetable gardening, and this list goes on.

Now this was by way of introduction for this.

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  1. I quite like the idea of collaborative thinking and learning. In our organisation we try to take a “community of practice” approach to the way our work is undertaken. By sharing ideas, learning experiences and asking questions from our peers and colleagues, we are able to operate in a more systematic “group minded” way which still allows for individual’s to operate in their own way but also achieving a kind of national standard in how the work is done.

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