Self Replicating Workshop

I have this idea.

I want to work towards building out a Workshop that can build out a Workshop.

Following people on line I am seeing a useful gathering of people who are wanting to explore and equipe people in the skills they have.

I follow several WoodWorkers, and in their work they also make their own tools. Vice, Saw Bench, Planner, Pentagraph, Drill Press, Band Saw….

Part of the idea to do this is to get away from the overburdening of communities with helps and handouts. 

People are infinitely ingenious, and our aid often destroys this. People are resilient, and far more capable than we give them merit, simply because we are outsiders looking in on what is happening in a community and can not understand or interpret what we see. So we just see chaos.

What do we want to do instead?

A coming together to learn how to build tools.
I need to learn what they can do.
Maybe I have something not offer, but to not start with that not transition to this too soon.
To make tools together that the maker can own.
If someone makes a tool, when they break the tool, they will be able to fix it.

Open Source Hardware. This is where we are going to put the resources that we find online. Click the link to have a look at the Library of Posts.