Robinhood has been in the news latly for some practices that have got some of us retail investers a bit annouyed.

That would be a topic for another day.

There are a number of apps that you can use to buy and sell shares, and even cyrptocurrancies. And in every thing I talk about here, this is the only time I have a referal that might make me any money, or rather if you use the links below I get a free share when you join Robinhood.

Robinhood is one of the most popular apps for training amoungst new investors. It has a very simple interface, and can be configured to show more detail, but maybe not as much as webull or moomoo.

My referal link.

Webull is another app for trading, it’s been around a bit longer, and has far more detail on a stock screen, some times too much detail.

My referal link.

Moomoo strikes a balance between webull and Robinhood in ease to use and information shown.

My referal link.

Then you have the Cash App.

You can invest in shares and bitcoin from the cash app, and they let you buy dollar amounts of a share. You do not have to buy whole shares.

You also get the ease of transfere of funds between cash app users.

My Cash App referal.

Yes I do use all four apps, and not just because I got free shares when I joined, but to also spread my risk. I don’texpect any of them to belly up, how ever risk mitigation is a lesson I am learning from beinginvolved in investing, so haveing at least two on your phone is a good idea.

I started with Robinhood, and that is my primary goto app.

This is called retail investing for a reason. We are the retail end of the sharemarket. The news trickles down to us. The options for new IPOs hardly ever come any where near to us. We can not invest in startups. And we have no access to incubators. We really are the bottom of the investing food chain.

Some Rules for Investing.

  • None of this is investment advice.
  • I am not a registered financial advieror
  • What I mention here is what I have done
  • Only invest money you can afford to lose
  • The stock market is gambling.
  • What do you want to learn?
    • How to day trade? Not me.
    • How to follow the curve (gamble)? Only a little.
    • Long term investment. That’s me
      I am investing in Tesla, not to sell tomorrow when it hits a new high, but foe the next ten years.
      I do trade in other companies, but Tesla is the only one I will talk about becuase they are who I have done the most research of.