There is this RSA video that Jonathan showed me a couple of years ago.

The basic premise is around how are we best motivated. Or from my point of view what make life good, enjoyable, happy.
There are three things highlighted in the video (if you have not watched it).

  • Autonomy: having control over our own lives, where we work, what we work at; being self directed in our work. Management models generally work against autonomy. So glad to be self employed, but that opens up a whole different can of worms.
  • Mastery: we like to get better at stuff, even stuff that has no obvious reward. (It’s why I do this blog.) When we empower ourselves or as employers, we empower people to get better at what they like, we all reap good rewards.
  • Purpose: We are transcendent, and when we get to follow this we be coming inspired and inspiring.

We need income, we need profit, but as an end goal both are unable to provide long term motivation that grows people and our communities.

  • So what is motivating me?
  • What is motivating you?

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