Lost the plot?

If you think being a faithful christian is about getting people into church, getting people converted and going to church then you have lost the plot.

If you think that going to church is what makes you a christian, that church is where it is at you have lost the plot.

You can no more go to church that you can go to love.

By the actions of our lives we be church, we be love.

That building is nothing. Bricks, wood, tin, mortar. It is not holy, sanctified, blessed or special.

Only people are.

Meetings, gatherings, sunday services, these should be the dust in our lives, not the pinnacle, not the

climax of a week. If they are then you have lost the plot.

The sabbath does not exist except in the daily rest we have with one another.

Faith without works is dead, works without faith is vain.

We are saved, we are being saved, we will be saved.

Worship is less a song sung that a stranger helped.

If we are not uncomfortable then something is missing.

If we don’t mourn then we have not engaged.

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