Let’s WordPress

Let’s WordPress

This course will give you a website that you can use for one year. We will go over the areas listed above.


We use TeamViewer in our course to better help you in the class.


As part of this course, you will have a fully functioning WordPress website to work from.

This website is provided as part of the course, and will remain available to you for a year. This website can either be with one of my Domain Names (free),  or you can buy one from us for a .nz name, or some other name that suites you, ($36.00NZ a year).


Security Plugins

We work to keep website secure. This will be one of the first things we cover. We are able to provide free SSL certifactes for your website for it to be encrypted as https://.

Work Plugins

There are a number of Plugins that we suggest that you use.

You will be shown how to install them and use them in your website.



Divi is a Theme Builder that really brings a new level of design quality to your website.

We will be going over many of the features of Divi.

  • Menu Placement
  • Holding Page
  • Header Template
  • Footer Template

While we do live in Kona, Hawaii

We Home Schooled in New Zealand for 18 years.
We are holding classes in coding with local homeschoolers here in Kona.

We have also been running a self-directed course for YWAMers to learn WordPress.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. tony@ai.net.nz 


We run this course either in person or online.
The classes when held at our place.
Online we run via Google Meet and TeamViewer.

The class lasts for one hour and there will be homework each week, from watching videos on related topics to preparing for WordPress on the day of class.

I am limiting each class to only four students so we can maximize learning and time together.  The cost is $15.00us per week.

Each student needs a Gmail account so they can come into the provided Google Classroom to see all assignments and materials, parents can also come into this Google Classroom to see work as well.


The $30.00(us) covers the first two weeks. Each week after that is $15.00(us) per student.
The Google Classroom will remain live for review and practice for 1 year.
This is a 10 week course.

  • Classes will be once a week. Day of week to be decided.
    Limit of four students per class. A total limit of 12 students for this current cycle.
    Classes will run at our place for 1 hour, parents are welcome to stay, or run online.
    There will be time before and after class for 15 minutes for questions.
    You will have access to a Google Classroom where all materials and assignments will be listed.
    $30us secures you a place in the class and pays for the first 2 weeks. First come first served, click Register below.
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Thanks for Reading!

If you are interested in this course please text me at +1-(808) 498-7146 or call me at +64-6-880-0000.

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