Kona Coding

Kona Coding

PHP is the language we will be starting to code in.


If you have ever been to a WordPress website, it runs PHP.
Wikipedia runs on PHP.
A lot of Facebook runs on PHP, Facebook also uses a lot of JavaScript.

While Php is an older programming language, over 78% of websites use Php.
PHP allows you to use Symfony.


Symfony is a framework that enables websites to be built much faster, not needing to do all the behind the scenes management of Security, Routes, User Management, Caching.

In learning Symfony you will be learning MVC of how a website talks to its self. OOP creating reusable code.

Symfony also provides software to run the website you are building in a development environment.


All programming is done in an IDE.

This is a program that helps you keep track of all you are doing. All the files, their associated with each other, as well as helping to make sure you do not have mistakes in your code or are missing vital parts needed by your code.

CentOS 8

All students need a Laptop that can be wiped clean and CentOS installed.

The laptop needs to have at least 8 GB of ram and a 250 GB hard drive, and Wifi.

We use CentOS, our preferred flavour of Linux, as over 70% of the internet runs on Linux or some version of it.

It is also open-source, as is Php, as is Symfony, and I have training licenses for Phpstorm, so there is no software cost to this course.



I am teaching Php.

However, students will also learn to use the Command Line Interface.
They will use the CLI to navigate around a Linux File System, run commands move files, do this all without having to click buttons or run other software.

When you learn to use the CLI you master how to program and take control of your computer.


AiNet, Tony Arcus, 808-498-7146, tony@ainet.biz




The classes will be held at our place.

There is parking by the mailboxes.

The class lasts for one hour and there will be homework each week, from watching videos on related topics to preparing for coding on the day.

I am limiting each class to only four students so we can maximize learning and time together.  The cost is $15.00 per week.

Each student needs a Gmail account so they can come into the provided Google Classroom to see all assignments and materials, parents can also come into this Google Classroom to see work as well.

Course Requirements

A laptop that we will wipe clean and set up with a new operating system.

  • At least 256 Gb Hard drive
  • 8 Gb ram
  • i5 or better
  • At least Windows 7, but we will not be using windows.
  • Does not need to be new

We will be wiping the Hard Drive of your laptop, all files will be deleted!

  • A 16Gb or larger USB key
  • A personal gmail.com account


The $30.00 covers the first two weeks. Each week after that is $15.00 per student.
The Google Classroom will remain live for review and practice for 1 year.
This is a 10 week course.

  • Classes will be once a week. Day of week to be decided.
    Limit of four students per class. A total limit of 12 students for this current cycle.
    Classes will run at our place for 1 hour, parents are welcome to stay.
    There will be time before and after class for 15 minutes for questions.
    You will have access to a Google Classroom where all materials and assignments will be listed.
    $30 secures you a place in the class, first come first served. Click Register below.
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Thanks for Reading!

If you are interested in this course please text me at +1-(808) 498-7146

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