I’m a mongrel.

A mongrel followers of Jesus that is. I’m no pure breed christian.mongrel

I have no nice pedigree, or papers confirming my learning or designating my membership.
I am not nicely clipped or very presentable in public.
I don’t have a breed name, position or title.

I’m just a mongrel.
Part atheist, part Presbyterian. Part Anglican, part Baptist. Part Brethren, Foursquare, Apostolic, and a fair sprinkling of non-denominational and even some PMF and pretty confused.

Cross breeds can be interesting, be they bapta-anglos or apo-terians. Penti-methods or luther-fellowships.

A mongrel, though, reproduces truer to its kind. It does not suffer the weakness of a lack of genetic diversity. While it is less specifically trained to a particular trait, it is less prone to a particular weakness due to over breeding. While a pedigree may look nice, they often have little use or fade quickly.

A mongrel can survive in the wild, even prosper. The other wild dogs can be quite comfortable around it. The good thing about a mongrel is that they often pollute pure breeds with new and useful traits.

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