Google Drive

One of the things I offer is an unlimited Google account for you and your family.

My account holds a piddling 500GB of stuff, my daughers has 2 terabytes of storage, but my best two people have 6 terabytes, that is 6,000 gig, and the other has 12 terabytes of storage.

That is quite a lot of stuff!


When you have lost a Hard Drive or a Laptop it is rather depressing, one of these accounts keeps things things safe.
What we have done is to make a single account available for the whole family. So for around $160US a year, you get Google Drive and Google Photos installed on all your phones, laptops, computers and tablets, and they all get backed up to the cloud.

Here is how it works.

You may be fimilar with Google Drive on gmail.

This is just so much more:

  • You have My Drive as before
  • You also now have Shared Drives, think of these as individual project areas that you can invite others in to to work on things
  • Then you have Computers
  • In my case just my laptop, but as many of your family that have your Google Drive installed on their computer their areas are automatically backed up.
  • Even when they plug in a USB storage, but of course if you plug in a 1T external hard drive it may take a few days for it to get fully backed-up.
  • And then you have the good old Shared with me, that we love but can never find anything.

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