Google Cloud for your Family

Google is offering an amazing unlimited Cloud storage system.

  1. Register your Domain Name with Google
  2. Set-up Google Apps for Business Unlimited
  3. First four accounts get one Terabytes worth of Google Drive storage, each!
  4. Have five accounts or more and every account has unlimited Google Drive storage.
  5. Cost $US10.00/Account/Month

Now that might seem like a reasonable cost, $US120.00/Year.

Consider this:

  • A 2 Terabyte external hard drive costs $230.00, and you really need two of them to do semi-proper external storage.
  • A decent email account around your own Domain Name costs about $60.00 / year.
  • Microsoft office costs about $500.oo ($250.00 for the students version), and legally you need a copy per computer.

So quite quickly the old way of doing this kind of computing add up.

Unfortunately for a family to have access to this unlimited offer they need five accounts with Google, about $830.00 a year.

This is where we come in.

You only need one of these accounts for your home. Multiple devices can login at the same time. The Home PC, the kids laptop(s), your PC, an Ipad, a PC tablet, a phone, what every.

Order one of our accounts with Google, pay $17.50/month for unlimited storage, unlimited access to the cloud and Google Office on every computer, tablet and phone.

All of them will have access to all the families information, photos, music, videos.

All of them will have Google Office to create documents, reports, spreadsheets, presentation.

All of them can play your music from the cloud.

At a friends place share a family video you have in the could.


Follow this link to get your account started.


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