Dress a Girl

20160905_153859  To start iron the dress fabric in half to give you a centre as a guide line for the pocket and for cutting out the arm holes.

20160905_153859 Measure to the left 2 inches from the centre line and 6 inches from the bottom of the hem line. Place pocket and sew.

20160905_153859 Like this with opening at the top.

20160905_153859 Fold dress in half where at the ironed centre line.

20160905_153859 Place armhole template on the folded fabric and draw the outline. Cut out armholes all 4 layers of fabric.

20160905_153859 Like this.

20160905_153859Now your ready to fold over the top of fabric to create the casing for the elastic to slide through easily.

20160905_153859Do this on front and back.


20160905_153859You can add another seam at the top of the casing to make a nice ruffled look.

20160905_153859Use a safety pin to pull elastic through the casing.

20160905_153859Hold with pins.

20160905_153859Now for the shoulder straps pin them in place then sew both at the same time .

20160905_153859 This will form the shoulder strap.

20160905_153859Sew over both the ends of elastic at the same time.


20160905_153859Iron the straps first flat then fold in half to to create a centre guide line.

20160905_153859Iron line making binding.


20160905_153859Cut in half to make 2 at the length for the size dress you are making.

20160905_153859Open the ends sewing right sides together.

20160905_153859Then refold them.

20160905_153859Open the binding and lay the underarm hole first and pin.

20160905_153859Oh yes, it helps to snip the curve of the armhole before sewing on binding.

20160905_153859Pin well


20160905_153859Making sure the top part of the elastic stays free.



20160905_153859When you get to the top part of the shoulder strap hold elastic towards the middle of the fold.

20160905_153859Then sew the strap closed. (Hint)When you stop to adjust,stop with the needle down.Take it an inch or two at a time.


20160905_153859It makes a cute and simple little dress.


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