Buick 2002 Post 1

So we got back from California, and our car blew some plastic tubing.

They said it was going to cost $2,500.00 to fix. Ouch

So that is not going to happen. Now between master mechanic JW, amateur spanner turner Terry and pleb me, we are going to see if we can do this.

Step One Order parts. http://www.rockauto.com/ 

AIRTEX AW5075 Water Pump $ 17.30 $ 0.00 1 $ 17.30
FEL-PRO MS98014T Intake Manifold Gasket $ 49.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 49.79
SPECTRA PREMIUM/COOLING DEPOT CU2349 Radiator $ 95.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 95.79

Shipping Cost $ 83.98. Prices all in US$

Dress a Girl

20160905_153859  To start iron the dress fabric in half to give you a centre as a guide line for the pocket and for cutting out the arm holes.

20160905_153859 Measure to the left 2 inches from the centre line and 6 inches from the bottom of the hem line. Place pocket and sew.

20160905_153859 Like this with opening at the top.

20160905_153859 Fold dress in half where at the ironed centre line.

20160905_153859 Place armhole template on the folded fabric and draw the outline. Cut out armholes all 4 layers of fabric.

20160905_153859 Like this.

20160905_153859Now your ready to fold over the top of fabric to create the casing for the elastic to slide through easily.

20160905_153859Do this on front and back.


20160905_153859You can add another seam at the top of the casing to make a nice ruffled look.

20160905_153859Use a safety pin to pull elastic through the casing.

20160905_153859Hold with pins.

20160905_153859Now for the shoulder straps pin them in place then sew both at the same time .

20160905_153859 This will form the shoulder strap.

20160905_153859Sew over both the ends of elastic at the same time.


20160905_153859Iron the straps first flat then fold in half to to create a centre guide line.

20160905_153859Iron line making binding.


20160905_153859Cut in half to make 2 at the length for the size dress you are making.

20160905_153859Open the ends sewing right sides together.

20160905_153859Then refold them.

20160905_153859Open the binding and lay the underarm hole first and pin.

20160905_153859Oh yes, it helps to snip the curve of the armhole before sewing on binding.

20160905_153859Pin well


20160905_153859Making sure the top part of the elastic stays free.



20160905_153859When you get to the top part of the shoulder strap hold elastic towards the middle of the fold.

20160905_153859Then sew the strap closed. (Hint)When you stop to adjust,stop with the needle down.Take it an inch or two at a time.


20160905_153859It makes a cute and simple little dress.


Where we live.

So you want to find us.

We live at 75-5835 Kuakini Hwy
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Apartment N2, that is the set of apartments just abve the office.
There is visitors parking on the Left, above and below the open small field.

Have a look at this link to get an idea of how to come and where to park.

The Map!

What is creating the chasm in your marriage?

You’re not the person I married.
We just drifted apart.
We got bored with each other.
Our marriage was a farce.
If we want to live like we do then I need to work like I do.
They were more married to their job.
I just had to prove myself.

I have often seen churches, missions, jobs, sports, entertainment and the placing of ‘that thing’ above marriage. Always with great sense of duty, vocation, even service. I don’t know if it is because it is easier to serve and be dutiful to the thing than the person they married. Maybe it is a slow slipping, just the way things happen, a first world problem.

At times I have been outspoken against certain activities because of the rotten fruit it produces in some people’s marriages. But really, there is no one thing or groups of things that can be eliminated and your marriage will be sweet. It is as if the weather of this world is constantly howling against our marriages, trying to find a way to get it’s cold tentacles into our hearts and freeze them. You shore up one area, and another gets attacked.

The issue at point is, what are the chasm creators in your marriage?frozehouse
What have you allowed to slowly bring separation?
What is the elephant in the room?
What topic is always left unspoken?

From an untidy, lazy habit, to a full blown obsession.
The telling question that can only ever be asked, never forced on the other, is.

What things am I doing that are creating a chasms between us?

Every one of us has things that the other person is doing that grate. I am not talking about answering this question to change traits in the other to just make ourselves comfortable. Rather I am thinking of those things, those actions, were one spend oneselves, that is eloquently justify, that are creating chasms. Things that even while doing a lot of good are a winters cold slowly penetrating, allowing the beginning statements to come into existence.

It only takes one to create a chasm, it takes two to close it.

Garden 2014-2015

Since the South Wairarapa A&P Show we have been planting. You wait till after the show as often a southerly rips up the country dump a load of snow on the Tararuas. You get a couple of fine days and down come and end of winter frost to wipe out all your hard work.

So this is what we did, and  have been planting out what we had started in the Aquaponicse green house.

are you doing what you want to do

nomorechainsif we take Jesus and Paul seriously, then the law has been fulfilled and now all things are lawful.

rather than living under ten or more commandments of what to do and not to do; rather than being motivated from sermons of guilt with lists of should dos, or lists of should not dos; we can now do anything without condemnation… what do you want to do.

i want to love.

not the lust kind of love sprayed across newspapers, films and the internet.

where my eyes lust for things or sights, my ears lust for praise, my body lust for pleasure, my mind lust for status and my ego lust for power.

an endless drive for things that will never satisfy.

but the service kind of love that seeks the welfare of the other above my desires and needs.

a love that does not consider a wrong suffered, it’s patient to give, kind in it’s giving, knows how to act: unprovokable, hopeful, believing, enduring, rejoices with truth, even if there is hurt in the giving or the receiving.

a reciprocal kind of love that cantilevers us to places we could never go by ourselves.

love that lasts beyond the grave, so that today I have nothing to fear losing because that which really matters is also eternal, and that which is not is going to wear out any way, so why hassle it possible lose.

if I can, in this new freedom, do anything; what do I want to do?

Fun Stuff

I may no longer have children and do not yet have grand kids (no hint here!), but that would not stop me playing with this.

From the kick starter:  STRAWBEES, a simple connector system for straws or cardboard.  Strawbees construction kit is based on one simple unit that lets you connect straws to each other. You stick a Strawbee into the ends of a standard quarter inch (6mm) straw to make struts and then connect them with another Strawbee.


Lost the plot?

If you think being a faithful christian is about getting people into church, getting people converted and going to church then you have lost the plot.

If you think that going to church is what makes you a christian, that church is where it is at you have lost the plot.

You can no more go to church that you can go to love.

By the actions of our lives we be church, we be love.

That building is nothing. Bricks, wood, tin, mortar. It is not holy, sanctified, blessed or special.

Only people are.

Meetings, gatherings, sunday services, these should be the dust in our lives, not the pinnacle, not the

climax of a week. If they are then you have lost the plot.

The sabbath does not exist except in the daily rest we have with one another.

Faith without works is dead, works without faith is vain.

We are saved, we are being saved, we will be saved.

Worship is less a song sung that a stranger helped.

If we are not uncomfortable then something is missing.

If we don’t mourn then we have not engaged.