Who’s got the oil can?

Why do people get eaten up by the institution of Church, mauled and spat out the back door with the right boot of fellowship?

Church has become an inverted perversion.

Let me explain what I mean. That which is meant to be the oil, to make the interactions of people participating together happen smoothly, has become the reason for the interacting, which inevitably turns the people into fuel for this perverted machine.

Think of any machine. Oil is taken in by machinery as fuel and lubrication, it is seen as important, but exists for the machine, to be consumed by the machine and one used, expelled. For me; in this machine; programs, buildings, traditions and positions are the oil to enable people to go about their purposes, as believers walking in the ways of Jesus, to effect the world for good and for God. Oil is consumed, it is to serves it’s purpose and then be discarded.

Unfortunately have gone from worshippers of God to worshippers of oil. We have transmuted the oil, the programs, the buildings, the traditions and positions and titles in to the reason for being. The oil has become the machinery and now people have become the oil, to be consumed by the machinery, left burnt and bloodied, and when they have lost their usefulness, they are to spat out the other end, chewed up, bleeding and often bitter.

I want to view church differently. Rather like this: we the people are the cogs that make it work, we in our doings and relationships are church. The institutions, the programs, the traditions, the services, the hierarchical structures are meant to be oil, grease,  that which makes the structure of cogs, cantilever, pinions, springs, bearings (the people) work together well. The grease enable us to be church, to grow and serve without all the parts damaging themselves or others. If the oil, the institutions, (not people), loses it’s oiliness, then it needs replacing. If the grease loses it’s ability to smooth the way, then the programs need changing.

As I have already said, too often what we actually have in Church is that the programs and traditions becoming the cogs and the people becoming the oil. No wonder people often feel chewed up by institutional church, spat out the other end like so much waste product.

What a radical idea to let the institutions serve the people and if they are not, change them. Yesterdays oil may be no good for today, it may need re-refining. Instead of changing the people, may be the hierarchical structures needs changing.

In considering this idea, if we find ourselves guilty of having done the swap, of being the ones to turn people into oil and institution in to cogs, we need to be brave enough to change thing back.

It’s the people, people.


What is creating the chasm in your marriage?

You’re not the person I married.
We just drifted apart.
We got bored with each other.
Our marriage was a farce.
If we want to live like we do then I need to work like I do.
They were more married to their job.
I just had to prove myself.

I have often seen churches, missions, jobs, sports, entertainment and the placing of ‘that thing’ above marriage. Always with great sense of duty, vocation, even service. I don’t know if it is because it is easier to serve and be dutiful to the thing than the person they married. Maybe it is a slow slipping, just the way things happen, a first world problem.

At times I have been outspoken against certain activities because of the rotten fruit it produces in some people’s marriages. But really, there is no one thing or groups of things that can be eliminated and your marriage will be sweet. It is as if the weather of this world is constantly howling against our marriages, trying to find a way to get it’s cold tentacles into our hearts and freeze them. You shore up one area, and another gets attacked.

The issue at point is, what are the chasm creators in your marriage?frozehouse
What have you allowed to slowly bring separation?
What is the elephant in the room?
What topic is always left unspoken?

From an untidy, lazy habit, to a full blown obsession.
The telling question that can only ever be asked, never forced on the other, is.

What things am I doing that are creating a chasms between us?

Every one of us has things that the other person is doing that grate. I am not talking about answering this question to change traits in the other to just make ourselves comfortable. Rather I am thinking of those things, those actions, were one spend oneselves, that is eloquently justify, that are creating chasms. Things that even while doing a lot of good are a winters cold slowly penetrating, allowing the beginning statements to come into existence.

It only takes one to create a chasm, it takes two to close it.

Making deliveries

The mode of conversion dictates the method for sustaining .

Compulsion.. The edge of a sword.
Coercion .. A bag of rice.
Convolution .. Future heaven.
Conviction .. You guilty sinner.

If by guilt you entered. By guilt you will be made to stay.

If you grow your numbers by gains of rice. Then bags you will need to keep them.

The Holy Spirit is salvations mid wife, not us. Eager for birth our intervention produce premmies.

What are we to do?
listen more. Have answers less.
Grace is simple. It is already drawing, so what is he saying.
A person who see Jesus bloom in front of them will embrace deeper than if we coerce them.
They will also listen far more to a fellow traveller by their side than a voice upon a stage.


The things people say, the things we say around an idea, thought or theology that may never have been tested to see if the hold true to that idea.
I have been enjoying to learn to weld. Getting rid of the slag after doing some welding needs to happen before I can do the next weld pass. Sometimes it is just a matter of knocking off the slag on top to get at the good weld underneath, other times I have to dig in to the weld with a grinder to get rid of the slag. The slag must be gone before the next weld can happen.

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I’m a mongrel.

A mongrel followers of Jesus that is. I’m no pure breed christian.mongrel

I have no nice pedigree, or papers confirming my learning or designating my membership.
I am not nicely clipped or very presentable in public.
I don’t have a breed name, position or title.

I’m just a mongrel.
Part atheist, part Presbyterian. Part Anglican, part Baptist. Part Brethren, Foursquare, Apostolic, and a fair sprinkling of non-denominational and even some PMF and pretty confused.

Cross breeds can be interesting, be they bapta-anglos or apo-terians. Penti-methods or luther-fellowships.

A mongrel, though, reproduces truer to its kind. It does not suffer the weakness of a lack of genetic diversity. While it is less specifically trained to a particular trait, it is less prone to a particular weakness due to over breeding. While a pedigree may look nice, they often have little use or fade quickly.

A mongrel can survive in the wild, even prosper. The other wild dogs can be quite comfortable around it. The good thing about a mongrel is that they often pollute pure breeds with new and useful traits.

I’ve been infected with an idea

Consider: copyright, patents and trademarks are not about creating exclusivity, perpetual ownership or unassailable rights to an idea, creative work or process.

Rather they are about giving a creator a limited opportunity to benefit from their work. A work that is derived by individual(s) from within their communities.

You write a book, derived from your experiences with in your community, who really created the work?  You, your muse or your community? Your community at large has given you a limited copyright to exclusively benefit from your effort, after which time your work will return to the common domain. Then others can benefit, create, extend, build upon, mashup and generally be creative upon the foundations that you were able to also be creative upon.

You can therefore see how this same principle applies, to a song, pictures, film, drugs, processes or ideas. This is the under laying founding principle of all copyright and patent law. That it has been twisted from this foundation is as a result of lawyers, executives and often missed named producers, altogether whom produce little, wear suits, bind up creativity, steal the art and parasitize the artist.

Thank God for the internet, where ideas are asserting their natural inclination for freedom, where artists can get rewarded for their effort and individuals can seek out what resonates with them. Art being more than sound and sights, the art of programming grows with free exchange, open source. Information, Wikipedia. Hardware, cnc and 3d printing. This is just the top of the iceberg.

A few of things are needed:opensource

  • Become a true fan.
  • Become a contributed.
  • Become a creator.
  • Become a user.

What does being uncomfortable look like.

It’s not about having boils on our bum, sores on your face. It’s not about flagilation.

It is about holding the contradictions of our faith without going to one extreme or the other. No not those contradictions…

Rather the ones about serving a sovereign God as beings of free will.

That the great must be servants.

Or to gain our lives we must give them up.

We are called to stand firm, yet he who thinks he stands take heed least he fall.

The last shall be first, but if we make ourselves last so as to be first, do we already have what we should get.

A bigger contradiction is prayer. Prayer is not a shopping list for our desires, but a surrendering of our wills to God’s desires.

The sweat of our determination does not change God’s will to our agenda, our fasting, intercession, duration of praise and worship, does not finally pester God into action. Rather these things are meant to break us down then build us up into His likenesses, to render us by renewal, that is the removal of the old to the planting of the new, into His same attitude, so that we are transmuted in to the place where His will already is.

All these things are uncomfortable to us, for individually we know where we need to change, what ain’t right, not matter how well we hide it. Surrender does not come easily for this body of flesh.

Why not start it.

Been following the wiki house site, they were talking about how the CNC tabled used to cut out the plywood to make the house can also be used to cut out the plywood to make a CNC table.

Unfortunately, as you search the ‘Net there is a lot of talk on various subjects but sometime a lack of the actual.

So my question is where is the CNC table used in this video?

Have a look at 3:40, the table exists and the table can build a table. So where are the plans.


As Chris and I were talking, she made a interesting comment. If a CNC table can make itself, what if you got given (free) a CNC table with the stipulation that you had to make one and give it away. With the ongoing stipulation that the receiver had to make one and give it away.

Kind of like Habitat for Humanity, here people get helped in to a house, but they have to work on their own house to get it.

Get a table by working with your provider to build your table, give a table but have the receiver work with you to get it.


Interview on Radio NZ

This was on last Saturday morning on Kim Hill’s ‘Saturday Morning’.

British mathematician and philosopher of science, who is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, and has written a number of books about god and science.

If you can not listen from the embeded link, listen here, or download here.


There is this RSA video that Jonathan showed me a couple of years ago.

The basic premise is around how are we best motivated. Or from my point of view what make life good, enjoyable, happy.
There are three things highlighted in the video (if you have not watched it).

  • Autonomy: having control over our own lives, where we work, what we work at; being self directed in our work. Management models generally work against autonomy. So glad to be self employed, but that opens up a whole different can of worms.
  • Mastery: we like to get better at stuff, even stuff that has no obvious reward. (It’s why I do this blog.) When we empower ourselves or as employers, we empower people to get better at what they like, we all reap good rewards.
  • Purpose: We are transcendent, and when we get to follow this we be coming inspired and inspiring.

We need income, we need profit, but as an end goal both are unable to provide long term motivation that grows people and our communities.

  • So what is motivating me?
  • What is motivating you?