Had a great time at Te Papa yesterday, 27th April 2013, for Makertorium.

Lot of neat things to see and touch.

Here are some of the people I got to see and thanks for being there.

Wikihouse NZ :: :: Love what these guys are up to. This is one area I want to explore.
League of Makers A bunch of makers in Wellington. Must find out when they meet and go to one of their events.
ikeGPS Ike make an amazing GPS laser measuring tool. Captain Kirk your tri-corder is ready.
Felt. A place for people to sell their stuff.
Product Furniture Bees CNC made furniture, really cool, but no website yet.
Bristkebotics Fun little insect robots. Order them on line.
Tangleball A shared workspace in Auckland.
fab lab wgtn On Facebook Part of Massey University in Wellington
PhotoHigher There were lots of copters at the event, and these guys make theirs out of carbon fiber.
MAKERshop Now if I was to make a 3D printer I might start here.
Wellington Makerspace Another group to look at going to an event for.

This is just a sample of who we talked to.


Coming in 10 days time.


If you live in the Wairarapa and want a lift to this event, we are looking at taking a van full, so the first six people get a seat.


Wiki House

Making homes from plywood and a CNC table.

Now a CNC table that can cut 18mm 2.4m x 1.2m ply is my idea of a toy I would want. Now could I make it pay for it’s self?

Wiki house embraces two of my favorite things, Creative Commons and something I could cut myself on.

wikihouseClick the picture to go to their site and have a look at this video. I am going to be interested to follow these guys and see where their journey takes them.