Holes in the River

Bit of a bother, we have a hole in the river we built last year.

Oh well how sad, too bad, moving on.

This is the new river, things are growing well.

And here is the gravel grow bed, finall have the bell syphon working well.

All three are feed from the same pump, going up in to this vortex filter.

We had a bit of a problem with the roots getting burnt so now I have raised the level the water comes to and put a bit of dirt around each plant.

I think we have over done it a bit with Capasum.

Straw Bale Gardening

About a month ago Tony put together this straw bale garden for me.

I have planted a celery that I grew from an off cut of a bought celery stalk.  I’m hoping it likes its new home.

I grew the broccoli  seedlings and planted them also in the straw bales. You can see the plastic above on the wire that I can pull down over the plants at night to stop the frost from settling on them.

I got this straw bale idea from some Youtube videos. You can check them out.

My passion fruit vine is waiting to be planted in the  wooden planter my honey made for it. We have already prepared the soil with compost, a bit of sand, straw and some coffee grounds thanks to Starbucks!

Tony’s lime tree is growing well with some limes ready to pick.

My strawberries are fruiting again yum!   The birds are loving the sunflower heads that I laid out to dry in the sun.

As my straw bale garden grows I’ll up date the pictures.

Test drive for a rocket stove.

Been looking at building a rocket stove for my workshop, but before I do thought I’d have a play with the idea.

This is a real simple earthen pipe arrangement in a clay and straw thermal mass.