Holes in the River

Bit of a bother, we have a hole in the river we built last year.

Oh well how sad, too bad, moving on.

This is the new river, things are growing well.

And here is the gravel grow bed, finall have the bell syphon working well.

All three are feed from the same pump, going up in to this vortex filter.

We had a bit of a problem with the roots getting burnt so now I have raised the level the water comes to and put a bit of dirt around each plant.

I think we have over done it a bit with Capasum.

Google Cloud for your Family

Google is offering an amazing unlimited Cloud storage system.

  1. Register your Domain Name with Google
  2. Set-up Google Apps for Business Unlimited
  3. First four accounts get one Terabytes worth of Google Drive storage, each!
  4. Have five accounts or more and every account has unlimited Google Drive storage.
  5. Cost $US10.00/Account/Month

Now that might seem like a reasonable cost, $US120.00/Year.

Consider this:

  • A 2 Terabyte external hard drive costs $230.00, and you really need two of them to do semi-proper external storage.
  • A decent email account around your own Domain Name costs about $60.00 / year.
  • Microsoft office costs about $500.oo ($250.00 for the students version), and legally you need a copy per computer.

So quite quickly the old way of doing this kind of computing add up.

Unfortunately for a family to have access to this unlimited offer they need five accounts with Google, about $830.00 a year.

This is where we come in.

You only need one of these accounts for your home. Multiple devices can login at the same time. The Home PC, the kids laptop(s), your PC, an Ipad, a PC tablet, a phone, what every.

Order one of our opensourcegathering.net.nz accounts with Google, pay $17.50/month for unlimited storage, unlimited access to the cloud and Google Office on every computer, tablet and phone.

All of them will have access to all the families information, photos, music, videos.

All of them will have Google Office to create documents, reports, spreadsheets, presentation.

All of them can play your music from the cloud.

At a friends place share a family video you have in the could.


Follow this link to get your account started.


I’m a mongrel.

A mongrel followers of Jesus that is. I’m no pure breed christian.mongrel

I have no nice pedigree, or papers confirming my learning or designating my membership.
I am not nicely clipped or very presentable in public.
I don’t have a breed name, position or title.

I’m just a mongrel.
Part atheist, part Presbyterian. Part Anglican, part Baptist. Part Brethren, Foursquare, Apostolic, and a fair sprinkling of non-denominational and even some PMF and pretty confused.

Cross breeds can be interesting, be they bapta-anglos or apo-terians. Penti-methods or luther-fellowships.

A mongrel, though, reproduces truer to its kind. It does not suffer the weakness of a lack of genetic diversity. While it is less specifically trained to a particular trait, it is less prone to a particular weakness due to over breeding. While a pedigree may look nice, they often have little use or fade quickly.

A mongrel can survive in the wild, even prosper. The other wild dogs can be quite comfortable around it. The good thing about a mongrel is that they often pollute pure breeds with new and useful traits.

I’ve been infected with an idea

Consider: copyright, patents and trademarks are not about creating exclusivity, perpetual ownership or unassailable rights to an idea, creative work or process.

Rather they are about giving a creator a limited opportunity to benefit from their work. A work that is derived by individual(s) from within their communities.

You write a book, derived from your experiences with in your community, who really created the work?  You, your muse or your community? Your community at large has given you a limited copyright to exclusively benefit from your effort, after which time your work will return to the common domain. Then others can benefit, create, extend, build upon, mashup and generally be creative upon the foundations that you were able to also be creative upon.

You can therefore see how this same principle applies, to a song, pictures, film, drugs, processes or ideas. This is the under laying founding principle of all copyright and patent law. That it has been twisted from this foundation is as a result of lawyers, executives and often missed named producers, altogether whom produce little, wear suits, bind up creativity, steal the art and parasitize the artist.

Thank God for the internet, where ideas are asserting their natural inclination for freedom, where artists can get rewarded for their effort and individuals can seek out what resonates with them. Art being more than sound and sights, the art of programming grows with free exchange, open source. Information, Wikipedia. Hardware, cnc and 3d printing. This is just the top of the iceberg.

A few of things are needed:opensource

  • Become a true fan.
  • Become a contributed.
  • Become a creator.
  • Become a user.

Straw Bale Gardening

About a month ago Tony put together this straw bale garden for me.

I have planted a celery that I grew from an off cut of a bought celery stalk.  I’m hoping it likes its new home.

I grew the broccoli  seedlings and planted them also in the straw bales. You can see the plastic above on the wire that I can pull down over the plants at night to stop the frost from settling on them.

I got this straw bale idea from some Youtube videos. You can check them out.

My passion fruit vine is waiting to be planted in the  wooden planter my honey made for it. We have already prepared the soil with compost, a bit of sand, straw and some coffee grounds thanks to Starbucks!

Tony’s lime tree is growing well with some limes ready to pick.

My strawberries are fruiting again yum!   The birds are loving the sunflower heads that I laid out to dry in the sun.

As my straw bale garden grows I’ll up date the pictures.


Some resources out on the ‘Net.

There is a huge set of resources out there and each of these leads off in to another line of things these people are involved in and have also found.
All this is great and gives us all an opportunity to find a place where we can develop our passion and join others with a similar desire.


Had a great time at Te Papa yesterday, 27th April 2013, for Makertorium.

Lot of neat things to see and touch.

Here are some of the people I got to see and thanks for being there.

Wikihouse NZ :: spacecraft.co.nz :: Love what these guys are up to. This is one area I want to explore.
League of Makers leagueofmakers.org.nz A bunch of makers in Wellington. Must find out when they meet and go to one of their events.
ikeGPS ikegps.com Ike make an amazing GPS laser measuring tool. Captain Kirk your tri-corder is ready.
Felt. www.felt.co.nz A place for people to sell their stuff.
Product Furniture Bees pettengell.co.nz CNC made furniture, really cool, but no website yet.
Bristkebotics bristlebotics.com Fun little insect robots. Order them on line.
Tangleball tangleball.org.nz A shared workspace in Auckland.
fab lab wgtn On Facebook Part of Massey University in Wellington
PhotoHigher photohigher.co.nz There were lots of copters at the event, and these guys make theirs out of carbon fiber.
MAKERshop makershop.co.nz Now if I was to make a 3D printer I might start here.
Wellington Makerspace wellingtonmakerspace.com Another group to look at going to an event for.

This is just a sample of who we talked to.

My first post

IMG_1380Here’s my first Granny square purse! I used 17 granny squares to start with and than I slowly hand stitched the squares  together. I made a 2 long straps for the handles and put in a snap. I also made my own machine sewed  liner.  I really enjoyed making my own purse.

If you are interested in making one of your own with your own choice of colors. Here’s the video.









Coming in 10 days time.


If you live in the Wairarapa and want a lift to this event, we are looking at taking a van full, so the first six people get a seat.