Rats in a cage.

Power will not give up power.

Power corrupts.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We know these ideas, but rarely see them in action. When we have a genuine social problem, Covid, power needs to be used. Action has to be taken, and people need to be managed. 

There is a new truism that we need to consider: the larger the problem, the greater the action, and the less granular the control. Covid has shown that the management and the control is a one-size-fits-all, this does not work.

There’s also a second problem when a set of controls that have been put in place and are then found not to be effective, that the science does not support the mandate, and then the governing bodies cannot rescind the control. The power has corrupted the governing body as it (she) cannot afford to look weak, to change their mind, to backtrack, to follow the science, and so they Double Down, they keep a mandate in place that is obviously medically and scientifically wrong.

Such is the nature of politics.

When you’re keeping a bad mandate in place, how do you manage the obvious discontent that that mandate is going to produce? You treat everyone like rats in a cage. 

A quick recap on what rats in a cage is. 
This is a series of experiments that has been done many times to see how social animals act towards each other in times of stress. 
Put one rat in a cage.
Electrify the cage floor such that at random times the rat gets a shock.
Set the cage up so the rat has no way to avoid getting a shock. 
Quickly that rat becomes so stressed that it curls up in a little ball and just suffers the shocks.

Now introduce a second rat into this cage. 
Shocked them at random intervals.
Very quickly they will start fighting each other. They can even fight each other to the death. 
They don’t know where the shock is coming from.
They don’t know why the shock is coming.
Each rat blames the other rat for their tortured life.

Does this not sound like our country today? We have various sectors of our society manifesting anger and frustration against another sector of our society.
We have two sets of rats being shocked by an unknown external force and being pitted against each other, even to the point of violence.
This is then fueled by the rhetoric coming from our political overlords, our media overlords, our tech overlords, our business overlords, our law enforcement overlords.
However, all of these overlords are also rats in their cage getting shocked.

How much is Jacinta (or Trudeau or Biden or Boris or Morrison) being shocked by forces we have no idea they are under. They also are rats in a cage. 
This does not excuse these people from the mandates they have enacted. Our democratic system is such that they got into politics to serve the People, not themselves and especially not some other unelected power structure.
When it comes to the police, I’ve been very pleased to see the actions of the freedom protesters to encourage everyone to not react to the police’s overextending of themselves, to their bad use of force and the police outright lying to the protesters and to the media.

I’ve also been glad to see the way that the freedom protesters have been presenting themselves to the media, even if the media does a poor job of actually reporting what is going on.
The police are rats in a cage, getting shocked by the system, just as the freedom protesters are getting shocked as well. And what the police do and how they do it is less to do with systemic violence in the police system, and more to do with the situation we all find ourselves in getting shocked by this situation.
The media is another great example of this. The shock that exists for the various people in the media sector has them pre-wired to only follow that narrative that is now well-established in the media system. Talk about a crazy feedback loop.
The alternative media structures that are coming up, from bloggers to podcasters to live streamers, feed into shocking the mainstream media such that they cannot help but react against them.
And finally, another great example of this ‘shocking’ is the rhetoric from Jacinta asking us all to be kind. And Kindness was the very thing she did not show as she shocked the nation again and again and as she herself also got shocked. Whoever is pulling her strings is making her a rat in the cage. She is stuck in a corner of her cage where she cannot let go of the mandates and can only lash out at anything and everyone.

With all these rats and all these cages getting all sorts of shocks, we need to not react, to not lash out, to not see the other rat as the problem. 
Rather we need to be redemptive, we need to act with true kindness, to still say things that others may not like, to speak truth to power, but to do it without trying to shock those rats in those cages.

We need to stand our ground and find a way forward that will release all the rats from all the cages.


Becoming the monster that the monster is afraid of.

We all have snakes in our lives.
Snakes in our garden.
The snake is not the problem.
The snake is a lie and a falsehood, no matter how physical it also is.
The problem is the power it has stolen from us and the power we have given it. The lies it has spread and the lies we accept a true.

The snake is a monster under the bed, hiding in the wardrobe. You don’t win over the snake by hiding from it, ignoring it, trying to appease it.

You win over the snake by making it afraid of you.
How ever much of a monster the snake is, you, with Father God behind you, makes you a far greater monster. Not a monster of darkness or lies, but a monster of unbearable light, of unbearable truth. If power is the hallmark of a monster, then God is the greatest monster of all. A monster of love, kindness, tenderness. A gentleness so powerful that nothing can stand before it, and you are way up on His shoulders.

From this position you swing a mightly sword to cut off the snake head.

And now you can help other to also become this monster to their snake.

Hacking 101

Blank Website

Been hacked and the affected website will not even load, you are just presented with a blank page.

  • Check that index.php exists.
  • Check that inded.php only has the very small amount of standard lines that come with WordPress.
  • Check that index.php is not 0 bytes long.

Website exists

Go in to the Dashboard and install WordFence, the free version is going to be good enough to get you started.

Run WordFence and only if you know what you are doing start making the changes WordFece suggests.



I have found bad index.php files in a number of locations, such as ./cgi-bin/index.php

WordPress Hacked

One of my customers just got hacked.

The hack was not very good, as it did not give the hackers control, unfortunately, it did kill the website.

It would appear that this site was hacked three-time, with each hack not getting fully birthed. Then on the 31st, when a whole lot of updates got done, the degree of access increased, these hacks then went active last night and killed the site.

  • To fix this I copied the affective files to a hidden sub-directory.
    • To have a look at later.
  • Copies over clean version of the affected files from a good site.
  • Gave these files ownership back to the site.
  • And the site is up and running again.
  1. Since then I have installed the free version of WordFence on this site.
  2. They have their /wp-admin page hidden.
  3. All plugins have been updated.
  4. We need to get rid of any plugins they do not use.

The hack was a redirect hack, seeking to cause people coming to this site to then be redirected to another site somewhere else in the world.

Send an Email when you have a new Post

I have been looking for a reliable way to send an mail to people that have signed up to receive notifications of a new Post.

I started using MailPoet for one person and I am now using this myself.

Install the plugin.

Once you have the plugin installed, let’s set it up.
Go to Subscriptions, and Add New and put yourself in, this is what we will be using to test that emails are working.
Go to Lists, and create a new List. And put your self in that List.
Go to Settings, setup Default sender. Contact us if you need help.
Go to Emails, and set up a Post Notifications.

Post Notification.

You need to create a Notification Email. This will be sent to a particulate list when you create a new Post.

When you go to Post Notification, start setup and use Immediately.
Click Next.

Choose a look and feel.


Having set up MailPoet I still could not send emails. Digging a bit further I have this issue with my settings.

I had a Key in there already.
Clicking on Activate MailPoet Sending Service, fixed my issue.

Let’s Test.


Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who could slay with one strike but leave their sword sheathed.
For in their powerful gentleness they will inherit the earth.
The powerful sword wielder knows that blood leads to more blood.

The sword is useful for eliminating, but can not plant, germinate and bring to fruit.

There is a better way, and the sword wielder knows this, not to relinquish their scabbard and sword, but not to have to unsheathed it either.

A wisdom can exist, a form of the fear of the Lord that can exist in the Gentleman’s eyes, that causes caution on the part of the foolish. There is a “don’t mess with me” and a “come let us walk together” in that look, not unlike Abbas, for the Gentleman knows that an inheritance can occur without the shedding of blood. The fool can learn wisdom, for they themselves were once that fool.

How does that sword wielder become a Gentleman?

  • By not drawing blood.
  • By not taking cheap shots because you can.
  • By laying such a word that even if it cuts, the person wants the cut and the outcome.
  • By walking beside rather than talking at.
  • By living empathy over sympathy.

If you think someone is full of shit, even as they speak and as they work to bring into action their words, there is of course bullshit in what they say and what they do. Just like you.
The Gentleman does not draw his sword and slay just because he can, they know how to work in such a way that the bullshit becomes less and Jesus becomes obvious and more, in themselves and in others.

It is as simple as seeking to be part of the answer. Even an answer that receives opposition. Even then engaging that opposition with gentleness, skillfully putting aside their reactions while not themselves engaging in reactions.

Action rather than reaction is not afraid of the questions, nor is it rushed, it is comfortable in silences, it is prepared and considered, it can say “I don’t know, I’ll get back to you on that.” And it does! It can say, “Well that is one way of looking at it.” And it can provide a reasonable counter reply, and simply let their words stand. 

There is a gentle strength that we need to learn where our words, once we have let them out into the world,  they do not need us to defend them. We may repeat them or better explain them, but we let Jesus defend them. Is he not better at this than us?

Gather to yourself Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, sheathed sword wearers.

Become one yourself.


Today’s YouTube browsing took me to:

Precious Plastic

Previous Plastics :

Then a shredding video here:

What interests me here is the combination between Maker & Creator, not just making stuff, but coming back a step or two and creating the stuff you use to make the stuff.

Also the Open Source nature of this machine and the manufacture support, which included a list of people all over the world who have taken Precious Plastic Open Source designs and made the machines available in their country.

Self Replicating Community

Often we listen to the idea about downsizing, small living, tiny homes, yet what is the use of these ideas if you do not thrive, do not live well?

I am quite interested in what would it take to create a community with a small footprint, and where people grow and thrive, not merely survive.

Part of what interested me is the idea around 3d printed homes.

Buick 2002 Post 1

So we got back from California, and our car blew some plastic tubing.

They said it was going to cost $2,500.00 to fix. Ouch

So that is not going to happen. Now between master mechanic JW, amateur spanner turner Terry and pleb me, we are going to see if we can do this.

Step One Order parts. http://www.rockauto.com/ 

AIRTEX AW5075 Water Pump $ 17.30 $ 0.00 1 $ 17.30
FEL-PRO MS98014T Intake Manifold Gasket $ 49.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 49.79
SPECTRA PREMIUM/COOLING DEPOT CU2349 Radiator $ 95.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 95.79

Shipping Cost $ 83.98. Prices all in US$

Human Centred Design

[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/a/ai.net.nz/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdzU6nepqPVA-cpEU9i02gmy8o33-hULYOdNmeELzVbRSzTzw/viewform” width=”100%” height=”900″]