Bad news sells

Some friends and I were having a reflection on how bad news sells. How our TVs and news papers seems to be a purveyor of what is bad in our societies. Then how this seems to immobilisers us.mud

While all this is true, one of the reasons why I write here is because I keep finding so much great stuff that people are doing.

The MSM has always been about the public as consumers only. With a token participation in  “letters to the editor”, while the vast majority of content is feed at us.

The revolutionary change of the information age has seen papers and even TV have to place themselves on the Internet to survive. They now need to compete with every blogger and non-print magazine. This they do not like.

The vitriol from the MSM is endless, they do not want to lose your eyeballs to someone who might have something interesting to say. They do not like having their news articles exposed as opinion, not fact; their facts back checked and found wanting, or even fabricated.

Having said this, it is not one or the other, or even one verses the other. What is really happening is the change in us as consumers only to participant.

If you feel stuck in the mud, dig your self out and build a road for your self and others.



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