are you doing what you want to do

nomorechainsif we take Jesus and Paul seriously, then the law has been fulfilled and now all things are lawful.

rather than living under ten or more commandments of what to do and not to do; rather than being motivated from sermons of guilt with lists of should dos, or lists of should not dos; we can now do anything without condemnation… what do you want to do.

i want to love.

not the lust kind of love sprayed across newspapers, films and the internet.

where my eyes lust for things or sights, my ears lust for praise, my body lust for pleasure, my mind lust for status and my ego lust for power.

an endless drive for things that will never satisfy.

but the service kind of love that seeks the welfare of the other above my desires and needs.

a love that does not consider a wrong suffered, it’s patient to give, kind in it’s giving, knows how to act: unprovokable, hopeful, believing, enduring, rejoices with truth, even if there is hurt in the giving or the receiving.

a reciprocal kind of love that cantilevers us to places we could never go by ourselves.

love that lasts beyond the grave, so that today I have nothing to fear losing because that which really matters is also eternal, and that which is not is going to wear out any way, so why hassle it possible lose.

if I can, in this new freedom, do anything; what do I want to do?

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