Interview on Radio NZ

This was on last Saturday morning on Kim Hill’s ‘Saturday Morning’.

British mathematician and philosopher of science, who is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, and has written a number of books about god and science.

If you can not listen from the embeded link, listen here, or download here.


There is this RSA video that Jonathan showed me a couple of years ago.

The basic premise is around how are we best motivated. Or from my point of view what make life good, enjoyable, happy.
There are three things highlighted in the video (if you have not watched it).

  • Autonomy: having control over our own lives, where we work, what we work at; being self directed in our work. Management models generally work against autonomy. So glad to be self employed, but that opens up a whole different can of worms.
  • Mastery: we like to get better at stuff, even stuff that has no obvious reward. (It’s why I do this blog.) When we empower ourselves or as employers, we empower people to get better at what they like, we all reap good rewards.
  • Purpose: We are transcendent, and when we get to follow this we be coming inspired and inspiring.

We need income, we need profit, but as an end goal both are unable to provide long term motivation that grows people and our communities.

  • So what is motivating me?
  • What is motivating you?


Coming in 10 days time.


If you live in the Wairarapa and want a lift to this event, we are looking at taking a van full, so the first six people get a seat.


Bad news sells

Some friends and I were having a reflection on how bad news sells. How our TVs and news papers seems to be a purveyor of what is bad in our societies. Then how this seems to immobilisers us.mud

While all this is true, one of the reasons why I write here is because I keep finding so much great stuff that people are doing.

The MSM has always been about the public as consumers only. With a token participation in  “letters to the editor”, while the vast majority of content is feed at us.

The revolutionary change of the information age has seen papers and even TV have to place themselves on the Internet to survive. They now need to compete with every blogger and non-print magazine. This they do not like.

The vitriol from the MSM is endless, they do not want to lose your eyeballs to someone who might have something interesting to say. They do not like having their news articles exposed as opinion, not fact; their facts back checked and found wanting, or even fabricated.

Having said this, it is not one or the other, or even one verses the other. What is really happening is the change in us as consumers only to participant.

If you feel stuck in the mud, dig your self out and build a road for your self and others.



Wiki House

Making homes from plywood and a CNC table.

Now a CNC table that can cut 18mm 2.4m x 1.2m ply is my idea of a toy I would want. Now could I make it pay for it’s self?

Wiki house embraces two of my favorite things, Creative Commons and something I could cut myself on.

wikihouseClick the picture to go to their site and have a look at this video. I am going to be interested to follow these guys and see where their journey takes them.

Test drive for a rocket stove.

Been looking at building a rocket stove for my workshop, but before I do thought I’d have a play with the idea.

This is a real simple earthen pipe arrangement in a clay and straw thermal mass.

Open Source Ecology

These guys are amazing, rather than locking information up in a company, they are wanting to develop the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.

Read more about them here, Have a look at this TED video.

Follow them on their blog.

Hello world!

Not another Blog.

No, rather a place to find stuff that works. Whether you want to keep warm, grow food, use the Internet. There are so many good ideas out there that we what to promote what we find and show what we have done.

So come back and see what we have found, what we have done, maybe even come and join us on our journey.