Self Replicating Community

Often we listen to the idea about downsizing, small living, tiny homes, yet what is the use of these ideas if you do not thrive, do not live well?

I am quite interested in what would it take to create a community with a small footprint, and where people grow and thrive, not merely survive.

Part of what interested me is the idea around 3d printed homes.

Apple MacBook Pro, Blank Screen

Got a duzzie one today.

A Mac Book Pro model a1707, screen blank, but it looks like it is starting.

  • If I press enter it goes Boink
  • Reset NVRAM settings, reboot with press and hold Cmd + Option + P + R, does nothing.
  • Reset SMC settings, Mac is still OFF, press Shift + Option + Control and Power keys at the same time. Does nothing
  • Purchases a USB-c to HDMI, plugged in.
  • Setting up Screen Mirroring when not logged in.
  • This Mac has one of the changeable Touch Bars.
  • Fn-Ctrl-F1 does not mirror
  • Fn-Option-F2 does not mirror
  • Command-Brightness Down, holy crap that works. Hat Tip.

The Dunning–Kruger effect

a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability.

And I can add to this that a person with very little ability in a field overestimates your ability in that field, and so because you have greater knowledge in that field than them, you take their estimation of you as proof of a greater degree of knowledge that you really have. This has the danger of building a house of cards, where you become desperate to keep it intact a false degree of competency.


So a little knowledge can infer a lot of knowledge when others have no knowledge in that area. You may then become trapped by your little knowledge,  unable to ask questions, for that would reveal your actual lack of knowledge.

How do we foster friendships that creates “question asking”, without creating egos?   

How do we help people to perceive that mere knowledge does not indicate much knowledge?

How often have we perceived a question as being dumb out of an inability to really understanding what is being asked and possibly due to the asker not articulating what they really mean?


How often have you not asked a question because you think it is dumb or are having difficulty actually asking what it is you’re thinking?


An idea that I have seen was to have an attitude in conversations that if a question sounds dumb, the default setting is to first say to yourself, “I must not have heard it right.” A skill that we can learn is the ability to tease out of the asker a better question.


We are all beggars helping one another to find more food.


1 John 1:7, walk in the light, be cleansed from sin.


Long time no Post

It’s been a long time since I have posted here.

But the wife has encrouged me that I need to put the resources I have found over the last few years up here for others to find.

The main point of this area is for people to find people doing intersting things, to find Open Source projects & Paid for plans. WHile I am a big Open Spource proponant, I am not against people who have a plan and sell it. More power to both ways of doing things.

So today I cam across this:

Here are his free plans.

If you can not get his plans from his site let me know.

Buick 2002 Post 1

So we got back from California, and our car blew some plastic tubing.

They said it was going to cost $2,500.00 to fix. Ouch

So that is not going to happen. Now between master mechanic JW, amateur spanner turner Terry and pleb me, we are going to see if we can do this.

Step One Order parts. 

AIRTEX AW5075 Water Pump $ 17.30 $ 0.00 1 $ 17.30
FEL-PRO MS98014T Intake Manifold Gasket $ 49.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 49.79
SPECTRA PREMIUM/COOLING DEPOT CU2349 Radiator $ 95.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 95.79

Shipping Cost $ 83.98. Prices all in US$

Human Centred Design

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”900″]

Dress a Girl

20160905_153859  To start iron the dress fabric in half to give you a centre as a guide line for the pocket and for cutting out the arm holes.

20160905_153859 Measure to the left 2 inches from the centre line and 6 inches from the bottom of the hem line. Place pocket and sew.

20160905_153859 Like this with opening at the top.

20160905_153859 Fold dress in half where at the ironed centre line.

20160905_153859 Place armhole template on the folded fabric and draw the outline. Cut out armholes all 4 layers of fabric.

20160905_153859 Like this.

20160905_153859Now your ready to fold over the top of fabric to create the casing for the elastic to slide through easily.

20160905_153859Do this on front and back.


20160905_153859You can add another seam at the top of the casing to make a nice ruffled look.

20160905_153859Use a safety pin to pull elastic through the casing.

20160905_153859Hold with pins.

20160905_153859Now for the shoulder straps pin them in place then sew both at the same time .

20160905_153859 This will form the shoulder strap.

20160905_153859Sew over both the ends of elastic at the same time.


20160905_153859Iron the straps first flat then fold in half to to create a centre guide line.

20160905_153859Iron line making binding.


20160905_153859Cut in half to make 2 at the length for the size dress you are making.

20160905_153859Open the ends sewing right sides together.

20160905_153859Then refold them.

20160905_153859Open the binding and lay the underarm hole first and pin.

20160905_153859Oh yes, it helps to snip the curve of the armhole before sewing on binding.

20160905_153859Pin well


20160905_153859Making sure the top part of the elastic stays free.



20160905_153859When you get to the top part of the shoulder strap hold elastic towards the middle of the fold.

20160905_153859Then sew the strap closed. (Hint)When you stop to adjust,stop with the needle down.Take it an inch or two at a time.


20160905_153859It makes a cute and simple little dress.


Where we live.

So you want to find us.

We live at 75-5835 Kuakini Hwy
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Apartment N2, that is the set of apartments just abve the office.
There is visitors parking on the Left, above and below the open small field.

Have a look at this link to get an idea of how to come and where to park.

The Map!

It’s been a good week

20160807_06292820160807_063207My green card arrived this last week! What a two year journey. I am thinking that I want to write what it took to get where we are today, but at the moment the last six weeks have been full of getting used to living in Hawaii, working at the University of the Nations here, working on the FARM that is, and seeing how the business will roll with me not being in New Zealand.

The farm is made up of several different areas and Christine and I are focusing on the Aquaponics.

Yep that is a long drop in the picture below, more of a teaching aid, but it is functional. We get a lot of 18-28 year olds through that re experiencing many things for the first time.

Come back to see more.