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YWAM Ships Philippines serves the needs of isolated islands. We carry volunteers and supplies, bringing compassion, hope, and training to remote locations accessible only by ships.

YWAM Ships Philippines is joining this growing maritime movement of YWAM, which has been in existence since 1978, it was in direct response to this daunting challenge to provide access to the isolated. We believe we need at least 40 vessels on the seven seas to accomplish this task. Our efforts as a global movement has resulted in 26 YWAM vessels operation around the globe.

Christine and I worked in the Philippines from 1986 till 1989.

We would travel from Island to Island in the Surigao de Notre provenance, providing Healthcare Clinics, traveling at different times with Drs from the Philippines, and from Medical Schools in New Zealand & Australia.

We also had teams from various YWAM schools around the world coming to do their practical portion of their Discipleships Training School with us.

Good Times.

We are not working with YWAM Ships Philippines. I am doing IT development with them to help get this new project up and running.

Want to join us?

So I have a proposition.

You can see this is my 7th post in a series I have on creating my Financial Health. My goal is not just to developed a financial basis for Chris and me, I am also wanting to look at how this model can be used to sustain a ministry.
Having worked in YWAM for around 13 years, a couple of years in the Salvation Army, and around 15 years with Far East Broadcasting, I have seen how projects can raise money, but running costs can not. I have seen multi-million dollar radio transmitters and campuses getting funding, but their yearly support costs struggle!

I want to see if I can change this and I am wanting to start small.

I want to fund Starlink for the Pacific Link.

The yearly cost is $1,200.00.

  • Rather than asking you for $100 to fund one month this year
  • and have to get back to you next year and seek another $100,
  • I want to hit you up for $500.
  • One time, put in to a Equity Position with the Private Equity company I am beginning to work with.
  • I want to raise about $15,000.
  • So thirty people, actually 29 as I am going to put up $500 my self.
  • With a 10% return on this investment, we can fully fund Starlink for the Pacific Link, and have some funds leftover to grow the fund so we can keep track with any price increases.

This Satellite dish is self-directed. Just point it at the sky, and plug in the power. Installation finished.

With 4 – 10 satellites in view, and in a few years dozens of satellites in view at any time, your connection to the internet is robust and secure.

Place this on a ship, and wherever in the world the ship goes it has the internet. I want to make this service available for YWAM Ships Philippines and for their ship the Pacific Link.

Want to give?

  • This will not be tax deductable.
  • It is going in to a personal account with the Private Equity company I am working with.
  • I will have full disclosure here on all donations and dispursements.
  • I will not be able to start a Starlink subscription untill I get enought funds, approvale from YWAM Ships Philippines and an account activated with Spacex.

I am seeing an error when you make a donation, the money is coming through successful, I just need to fix a couple of things.

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