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One of the first things that I appreciate about what I am getting into is the coaching that is becoming available.

Yes, I am paying $8.88 a month, however, this does come back in time.
There is also a push to start to invest on a monthly basis, something I want to do anyway.

I’ve wanted to learn for some time how to grow wealth. There is no end of programs and seminars on YouTube, or in person, that you can pay thousands for and maybe learn something useful.

Rather than having books on a shelf I may never read again, I have access to a coach, as part of my subscribing.

They are simple questions.

  • What are some life goals?
    • We want to be able to visit New Zealand each other year, costing about $10,000.00
    • I’m starting simple
  • What are your current debt issues and what are you doing to reduce them?
    • Luckily we have been able to situate ourselves and have no debt.
  • What assets do you currently have?
    • Shares, yes.
    • Life Insurance, no.
    • Family home, no.
    • Other assets, yes but not available.
  • Do you have a morgage?
    • No currently renting.
  • Do you own any properity?
    • No directly.
  • Do you have any residue incomes?
    • Yes, I host websites on my own server inside Google, and I resell Google products.
  • Is there any one time infusions that might happen, inheritances, gifts, annunities, etc.
    • Yes, but not sure when.

These were the questions and answers from our second time with my coach. Talk to me if you have any questions.

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