03 Make it grow

I don’t want to just talk about money here, but the purposes I want to put it towards.

This is making money work for us, rather than work on us. Working with money, rather than working for money. Of course, you have to make some money before you have any to put to work.

We all know how 1 Timothy 6:10 has been poorly used to demonize money when money itself is not evil, but only that the love of it leads to all sorts of evil, (not evil itself).

Money is a tool, and what do I want to use this tool for?

For a few years now we have been looking at what it would take to build a sustainable community.
What would it take to get land and build multiple homes where people can live and thrive.
And how to build houses that are sustainable and meaningful and afordable.

Over the past month we have been introduced to:

  • Others with vision.
    • For a Montessori High School.
    • For land use and land acquisition.
    • For wealth release, while like us they themselves have little money to rub together.
    • Ways to help people get equity in the house they live in.
    • Make plans for when you need help in God’s Waiting Room.
  • We have been introuduced to a Financial Adviser
  • An Architect
  • Someone who has been in Solar for about 40 years.
  • Icon Build, the 3d house printing company out of Austin, Texas, who I am now in conversation with.

What will it take to build 96 homes as a 3d printed village on 21 acres?
Where cars are kept on the outside. Where you do not live in your neighbour’s pockets. And where maybe you can build some equity.

To give you a little taste of some of the conversations that have already gone on around this village.

What is each roof collected its own water for community use?
What if each roof had solar to a Tesla Mega Pack for commercial selling to Hawaii Electrical?
What if each group of twelve had their own Star-link connection for cheaper Internet?
What if we became a Star-link ground station?
What if we had garden plots for residents right next to the village? Food as medicine.

There is a lot of fluff talk in all of this, so many “what ifs”. However, in the last month, we are now in contact with half a dozen people in business, and in reality that wants to see this happen.

A small thing that encourages me is that we have people that are already part of communities that want to create affordable housing, that wants affordable housing for themselves and for others. All too often community development is done on a community by people doing development that are not a part of the community and never will be. God has already placed us in the very community we want to target, and what we want to develop for ourselves is what the community wants to also develop. We are working from the inside with a personal understanding of the development the community actually wants.

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  1. Possible edits to this post:
    *What IF each roof collected… *
    *…that want the affordable housing for THEMSELVES and for otherS. All TOO often… *

    This is indeed a very promising development. I am interested in discussing with you how I might participate in bringing this to fruition.

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