01 Where it begins

We have constantly been looking for better ways to do things, and whenever difficulty strikes, to look at it as an opportunity.

This is not about inviting success, or speaking attraction, or the power of positive thinking, but if you put your shoulders back and look at life in the eye, you can gain a sense of command, rather than waiting for the next thing out of left field to hit you.

COVID was an example in this, 2020 has been one of our most prosperous years, not because of stimulus cheques, but because we were able to engage a reset and look at life differently. It was about educating ourselves, and even using our entertainment time to not merely watch YouTube or NetFlix, but to watch things that taught us about investing.

Nothing quite equips you to learn than when your money is where you are learning. So I got the Robin Hood app, I brought a couple of shares in AMD, (I’m a geek, so I invested in something I already knew). It went up and it went down, I bought a little and sold a little so I could learn. Over a month and a few hours of research I made $5.00. Who can say I took a class that did not cost me, but actually paid em. Maybe 0.50c an hour, but, hey it’s a start.

Always using the principle that you only ever invest or play with money you CAN afford to lose, I then purchased a few Tesla shares when they were at about $800.00 each. This was before the split so think, $160.00 each, and these are now worth $600.00 each (or a presplit price of $3,000). So that was a lucky buy, but not totally luck, I had done a fair bit of research, that was why I did not sell them when they got to $900.00 either (Jan 2021).
This is a long-term investment, I don’t follow the market swings, that is not the point, I want to hold these for ten years. That is what my education has taught me.

  • My takeaway is never to stop Learning.
  • To only use the money you I afford to lose.
    • This is not totally true, I have invested money that is not part of my day to day expenses in to Tesla. However this is not money that is menat to pay next months rent. However if Tesla was to crash, I would be bummed. I have invested this way in Tesla and not Carnival Cruseline, becuase my research says Tesla is going to the moon. (Or is it Mars)
  • Take small risks to learn what they feel like, especially if they fail.
    • In playing with stocks I mad a small profit with FUV, but sold too soon.
    • I have played with SPACs, and narrowally avoide a loss with NKLA
  • I have learnt so much from my failures I am planning some more.
  • And don’t let the euphoria of success make you think you know what you are doing!

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