Often of a Saturday, we get together for some conversation and coffee.
Will your children never have to learn to drive a car?
As Westerners that think vaccinations are unnecessary, have we been responsible for the many measles deaths because out a lack of herd immunity, and then travel and once again infect vulnerable nations?
Is Church getting in the way of church?

What about a trip to the beach. Nothing quite like soaking in the sea and talking about life.


Kokua: a Hawaiian word that means to pitch in. To give sacrificial love.

At any time there are thousands of young people (and some older people) travelling the world looking for interesting things to do.

Ohana: a place of love, a place for family.

All over the world, there are interesting people doing interesting things that would love to have people come and pitch in.

Create a free Account with Journey here. https://kokua.family 

Good Food

One of the things we really like about living in Hawaii is that things grow all year round. That also includes the weeds.

Making Stuff

Hacker spaces, maker spaces.3D printers, CNC tables.
New Zealand  Makerplace Napier.

I want a CNC table big enough for a normal piece of 19mm 2.4 ,1.2 ply.My time frame is the next 12 months.

So first time round I am looking at a simple kit that has everything to get going so I can practice and learn.
https://www.inventables.com/technologies/desktop-cnc-mill-kits-shapeoko, but it needs to be 240v compatable.


Self Replicating Workshop

I have this idea.

I want to work towards building out a Workshop that can build out a Workshop.

Following people on line I am seeing a useful gathering of people who are wanting to explore and equipe people in the skills they have.

I follow several WoodWorkers, and in their work they also make their own tools. Vice, Saw Bench, Planner, Pentagraph, Drill Press, Band Saw….

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