Often of a Saturday, we get together for some conversation and coffee.
Will your children never have to learn to drive a car?
As Westerners that think vaccinations are unnecessary, have we been responsible for the many measles deaths because out a lack of herd immunity, and then travel and once again infect vulnerable nations?
Is Church getting in the way of church?
How do we build healthy, thriving, kind communities?

What about a trip to the beach. Nothing quite like soaking in the sea and talking about life.

Eating Together

We have lost the art of eating together.

Sure we do pot lucks. Or we have dinner parties. What I am talking about is where the eating of the meal is only one part of the process. What about a couple of families and adjacent people get together, they harvest the vegetables on they day, they kill the meat and prepare it, the families cook the meal together, there is a single long table,  

Building Together

There are so many interesting ways that we can build this world together, our lives together. This is far more than just earning a living, this is creating communities that work, that thrive, that learn. Where we can get challenged, changed, become responsible to one another, and most importantly, we build together.

Working Together

Working together is messy. It can be a real tangle.
Learning how to not get in each others way, coordinating together to get the job done, keeping the lines of communication open, using technology well.

We are working on a project to enable a cafeteria to better manage their people, get the food prepared and provide up to 2,000 meals a day.

Living Together

How do we create communities that can live together?

Many people like the idea of shared housing, talk about communities, holding resources and facilities in common. Often the dream is destroyed on contact with the reality. People are messy, we are bound in tribalism, we get easily offended, we want to be right even when we are wrong, our emotions rule us far more than we are willing to admit.